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Release Date:   April 19th, 2022
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...when clues point to prominent members of the federal government being involved in the scientist's abduction. Against the orders of his superiors, Larson digs deeper into the case, meeting Elena Stregor, the scientist's sister, in the process. She pushes him toward the truth, and along the way introduces him to a figure unlike any other.


Samit Bathari is a man with a radical vision. Mining underground support for years along the fringes of American politics, he is eager to forge a progressive path forward whether the world is ready or not. He quickly sways Larson and becomes a powerful, albeit risky, ally.


When a connection between a Russian arms dealer and the White House Communications Director is discovered, Larson and Bathari, along with several key players in the Secret Service and American intelligence, forge a plan to swiftly topple an authoritarian regime in the making. 

Riddled with topical wounds and current events that have shaken the modern global landscape, A Day in Fall is a tantalizing thriller assembled from a mold all its own. Packed with action and intrigue and a host of compelling characters who hold the very fate of the world in their hands, it promises to be an unforgettable and entertaining read.   

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