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Professional Ghostwriting & Book Coaching


Work with one of the best nonfiction and memoir ghost- writers in the industry. Are you struggling to turn your great idea into a book, or simply don't have the time? Together we can make your dream a reality and grow your brand.

Pricing: $10,000 +


Sometimes a manuscript is missing that little something to send it over the edge. Do you have a work in progress but feel it isn't ready for the big leagues? Let us take a look and work our magic.

Pricing: $4,000 +

Book Coaching

Sometimes it's best to have a seasoned professional with you ever step of the way. Let us coach you through every step of the process, from concept to manuscript lock. The most comprehensive way to bring your book to life.

Pricing: $12,500 +

Developmental Editing

A full, in-depth edit that assesses every facet of your manuscript from the eyes of your target audience. A necessity for any author preparing to publish.

Pricing: $2,000 +

Independent Publishing

Writing a book is hard. Finding a publisher is harder. Good news: you don't need to. We'll strategize, write your book, and then take care of everything a publisher would after the manuscript is finished. From cover design to all those little details that make a book perfect.

Pricing: $15,000 + 

Line Editing

A line-by-line combing of your manuscript for sentence structure, spelling and grammar errors, and inconsistencies. The last line of defense to make sure your book is perfect and the next big hit.

Pricing: $1,200 +


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