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...a past that haunts them. Fractured and dysfunctional, they are quickly enveloped into Greenville society, albeit in a way they find completely foreign. But when Cole, the family's eldest son, discovers he's being stalked by a sinister couple seemingly beloved by everyone around him, he wonders if their problems have followed them to this new town after all. 


Despite the unnerving prospect, he falls in with a group of locals dubbed "The Greenville Club". Through his new cohorts, Cole is introduced to a variety of characters: a jovial brawler known the town over; a love-crazed club owner; and a family infamous for a two-century-old feud among others. At each turn he is confronted by the bizarre and unusual.


Beneath it all lies an ominous sense of peril. Cole's middle brother is missing and presumed to be on the run. An ancient evil is said to haunt the family, one that has reduced his father to a tyrannical despot bent on control. Cole must deal with this and the mysterious threat looming over him as he attempts to locate his brother and carve out a new life in Greenville.   

Written under a pseudonym, this Southern Gothic travelogue rippling with suspense peels back the charm and pleasantry of the south in a whole new way. Cut from the same cloth as outsider classics by the likes of John Berendt and Hunter S. Thompson, it dives headlong into a city on the forefront of southern prosperity while mixing in helpings of death, deception, and intrigue. Dark Satisfaction is inspired by a cast of very real and eccentric characters that prove unforgettable from the start.  

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