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LIFE9 ENTERPRISES is an exciting new venture seeking to pair talented authors with a vertically integrated business model that radically changes how books are acquired and published. In short, Life9 is busy acquiring a catalogue of intellectual property as well as a team of authors and other literary professionals to centralize all segments of the creative process. 

In this new digital age of self-publishing and eBooks, the literary world is rapidly changing. Quickly vanishing are the days of corporate gatekeepers blocking authors from entry into the market and paying them a pittance when they are finally let in. Life9 wholeheartedly believes in adapting to keep up with the demands of a shifting industry. 


Life9 is an intellectual property startup. In a way, we're not so different from Disney. Our model is predicated on bringing authors aboard and keeping all rights in house as we promote their books and adapt suitable works into other mediums. From that first rough draft all the way through film or television production (if applicable), Life9 strives to be a major part of the process and empower writers at every turn.  

Quality will always remain at the core of Life9's mission. Good books have a way of speaking for themselves. It is our intent to help publish and distribute the best product that we possibly can. From there, we have a vision of working with our authors to adapt their books into screenplays and then either selling the finished product or forming a production arm to work with the established players to get projects made. 


First and foremost, we are looking for talented authors. But that's only the beginning. Life9 Enterprises also seeks to contract with artists and graphic designers, as well as copy-editors. We are actively searching for professional screenwriters, and will hopefully soon start putting together a marketing and digital production team.


If you fit any of these roles and possess a passion for creating and are interested in working with us, please contact Life9 Enterprises at   

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