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Charles Harned was born in Galveston, Texas in 1992. He spent his youth in the Carolinas and graduated from Clemson University's business school in 2014. He finished his first novel in 2015, a mystery about a college fraternity gone bad. Since then he has written seven more novels running the gamut from mystery to topical thriller. He is the founder of Life9 Enterprises, a vertically integrated startup that seeks to influence the creative process from the initial manuscript through, ideally, film or television adaptation. Through Life9, Charles strives to champion writers and continues to amass a collection of highly marketable and adaptable commercial fiction. 

Harned is an avid sports enthusiast. His football and soccer background, both playing through the collegiate level and coaching, has contributed significantly to the resilience all aspiring writers need and his push into the competitive literary world. If it weren't for writing he would probably be coaching football full time. He considers various coaches and teachers throughout his life just as influential as the books he's read.


Based full time in Charlotte, North Carolina, Charles has lived his entire life in the southeastern United States. Whenever possible, he travels to Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Travel plays a big role in his writing, as does incorporating fresh and exciting locales that provide a genuine feel for the diverse subsets of human culture. New Orleans holds a special place in his heart.


Charles has always married his significant literary interests with a business mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. He has had nonfiction articles published in Vex Mosaic magazine, and received a scholarship from the Southeastern Writer's Association in 2016. His first published thriller, A Day in Fall, was released in April 2022. When he isn't writing, Charles enjoys painting, running, and kayaking.  

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