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A Day in Fall

The cat's out of the bag. There are millions of political thrillers out there. Authors like Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, and the late Vince Flynn (carried on by Kyle Mills) sell enough copies to keep them smiling atop the NYT bestseller list any time they put a new book out.

None of this is news whatsoever to fans of all things spies, political intrigue, and plots to plunge the world into calamitous chaos. These authors, and many others like them, are masters of the craft, and adored for that very reason.

A Day in Fall is not a political thriller, nor is it entirely a spy thriller. Vesper, hidden deep within the Department of Homeland Security, exists for one purpose: tracking trends and gathering data on politically inspired extremism within the United States. Pulled from the world of tech and cybersecurity, Michael Larson is their golden boy. But his status is put in jeopardy when he ties the disappearance of a leading demographist and White House dissenter to alt-right riots that shake Charlottesville, VA.

A Day in Fall has no trappings of Oval Office intrigue and backhanded maneuvering. It is about a world out of balance. The fictitious new regime in Washington is brash and cavalier. But Michael Larson is one of scarce few who suspect they are actually subtly working behind the scenes to wrest power away from the American people.

Enter Samit Bathari. An enlightened radical on the fringes of politics, he shares Larson's suspicions. But what happens if the man who is supposed to save everything turns out to be worse than what they're trying to overthrow?

This novel asks several questions of readers, each without a clear cut answer. Which is the proper path forward? Are men capable of handling the kind of power that governing the world's preeminent superpower can offer? What measures are acceptable when doing what one thinks is right and just?

A Day in Fall mirrors the precipice upon which modern day America, and the world, stands. A crossroads has been reached, and this first installment is just the beginning. The way forward, both on the page and in real life, will be chosen by ordinary people. Only one thing is certain; it will not be easy.

Follow along with Michael Larson and Vesper as they battle with how best to preserve a nation under fire from within. Look out for more updates about the book, and, as always, hit me with any questions, comments , or suggestions in the comment box below or at

- Charles Harned

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