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A Day in Fall (Advance Readers Wanted)

Exciting news! I’m laying it all out here for everyone to see and read. Having written eight books with dozens more in various stages of planning, it’s been a goal of mine for years to become a professionally published author. Anyone who has visited this site before (if you have, thank you, and if you haven’t, please check it out!) knows that I’ve made my writing and getting published a priority in my life.

So, here’s the deal:

I’m publishing a book. A DAY IN FALL is a topical thriller with heavy espionage and political thriller undertones. I’ll give more details about the plot below, but I want to be open and honest about the publishing process and when you can expect to see this book for sale.

I do not currently have a publisher lined up. That isn’t a cue to panic. Publication is going to happen one way or another. Right now I’m in the process of submitting A DAY IN FALL to a list of about 50 publishers. A few have already expressed interest, and there is still plenty of time for more to follow suit. In a perfect world I would receive an offer from one of these publishers and after a contract is signed a publication date will be set.

Perfect worlds and being an aspiring author don’t usually align if I’m being honest. And that’s okay. We live in a time where it’s not just possible, but fairly easy to publish a book and get it in front of readers. That’s why I’m also going down a separate, parallel avenue while still attempting to entice publishers.

Yes, I’m preparing to publish A DAY IN FALL myself under an imprint I created, Super Dope Books, if things don’t go my way or if a deal can’t be reached. I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on the manuscript and working with a graphic designer on the book’s cover (which from what I’ve seen so far is shaping up to be pretty awesome). The final step will be to run the text by a proofreader and copy editor and then, if things work out this way, I will be able to release A DAY IN FALL into the world around Christmas time.

If I choose to pursue this publishing route it’ll be available in print and eBook formats on Kindle, Ingraham Spark, Amazon, and various other online and maybe even physical booksellers. The goal is to make A DAY IN FALL the absolute best it can be and then get it out into the world. If this is the best opportunity to make that happen I’m going to take it.


If you would like to read my new thriller, A DAY IN FALL, before it is released into the world please let me know by commenting on this post or emailing me at It would really mean a ton to me, and I think you’ll find it an entertaining, enjoyable read.


This is the first installment in a four-book topical thriller series. When an inexperienced and controversial president is elected, America is thrust into a world of chaos and uncertainty. In the shadow of white nationalist riots in Virginia a renowned demographist is abducted. Only Michael Larson, agent for a special unit within the Department of Homeland Security called Echelon, puts the two occurrences together.

Echelon tracks and analyzes the growing threat of domestic extremism. A new foe that has been biding its time and growing in scale quickly surfaces—the alternative right. Led by a charismatic founder and a think tank that’s taking Washington by storm, they are pushing their ideology into the world and inciting violence and aggression. It doesn’t take Larson long, with the help of an accomplished journalist and some careful digging, to tie the alt-right to a member of the new White House administration. He is close to the president for all the wrong reasons, and what he’s plotting could crumble America from within.

A Russian arms dealer enters the mix and the plot becomes clearer. The alt-right means to supply violent and radical groups with foreign weaponry to distract the public as the new presidential administration siphons more and more power.

Larson is put in contact with Samit Bathari, an underground political idealist who would see America’s government replaced with something much smaller and more streamlined. He envisions a united, global community as the only cure for climate change and rampant overpopulation. When it becomes clear that the current administration means to cling to power and gut America’s democracy from within, Larson agrees to help Bathari brings his progressive ideas to life.

But Bathari has his own secrets that Larson must cope with. In the world of intelligence, deception is the language and lies are the currency. Larson will have to navigate both if he hopes to keep the country he serves from collapsing.

Thanks for reading. Be on the lookout for more updates and, as I said above, if you'd like to be an advance reader please let me know! Comment or email me at And keep reading.

- Charles Harned

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