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A Day in Fall - ON SALE APRIL 20th, 2022

The time has come. In less than a month A Day in Fall will be released to the world. Pre-Order Here.

Some quick background:

What is A Day in Fall?

A topical thriller with heavy political and espionage elements. A new, inexperienced president gets elected and promptly jettisons America toward chaos. Michael Larson works for Echelon, a team deep within the Department of Homeland Security that investigates domestic extremism. When a demographist acquaintance of his goes missing on the same day rioters storm Charlottesville, Virginia he believes the two events may be related.

Larson teams with the demographist's sister, Elena Stregor, but as they work to get to the bottom of her brother's abduction a much larger plot takes hold. One that involves a foreign arms dealer, the federal government, and an extremist movement on the rise called the Alternative Right.

As more information comes to light, Larson and Elena arrive at the only conclusion that will stop the growing threat of alt-right attacks - the President of the United States must be removed from office.

That's where Samit Bathari comes in. He's a political outsider with a cult following and some very unconventional ideas. He sees true globalization as the only feasible way forward. And he just might have a way to solve all of America's problems. If he can be trusted, that is.

Who are the characters?

Michael Larson works for Echelon, a secretive team inside the Department of Homeland Security. He pairs with Elena Stregor, an abducted scientist's sister, and various colleagues and outsiders to hunt down the cogs linking the alt-right and foreign influences. Formerly a tech entrepreneur, Larson was coaxed into the shadowy world of intelligence by Eiran Katz, Echelon's hard-nosed Israeli immigrant director.

Why should I buy this book? There are millions of others.

That's very true. I can say A Day in Fall is anything but a cookie cutter, run of the mill political thriller. Nothing is off the table, and no entity or organization is too big to be shaken up or even rewritten. Including the United States government.

If you like twists and plenty of action hidden within an intelligent thriller, this book is for you. It deals with topical events and issues that are relevant to many Americans and people worldwide. As world events develop and mutate, so will the Echelon series. A Day in Fall is just the beginning.

Who is this book for? Target audience?

A Day in Fall is for anyone who cares about America and the forces at work within this nation. I write with adults in mind, but that doesn't mean young adults won't find this novel appealing. It mixes action and suspenseful situations with thought-provoking discourse on the direction of American and global geopolitics.

If you enjoy authors like Daniel Silva, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, and Lee Child I'm confident A Day in Fall will be right up your alley. But this isn't a military thriller and it doesn't bog down in politics. Think spy fiction crossed with a political thriller that breaks the tropes we typically see from that genre. There are no politicians involved, but there are characters trying to make drastic changes.

Is A Day in Fall the beginning of a series?

Yes. The Echelon series is all about how America, and the world, combat our present set of circumstances (climate change, population crises, foreign aggression) and either overcome them or crumble. A Day in Fall will be followed by A Day in Winter and two more iterations after that.

Where do I buy A Day in Fall?

My novel can be found everywhere books are sold, including right here on this website (Pre-Order), in both paperback and eBook format. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Google Play are all great places to find it.

Also don't forget to check out my publisher's website. You'll find more information about me and A Day in Fall. Audiobook format is a possibility going forward as well.

There will plenty more updates leading up to the release. Check back HERE or on Twitter @Charles_Harned to keep up with the latest!

And don't forget, to thank the readers who help me get off the ground, I'm giving 10% of my yearly earnings in the form of a dividend to the first 1,000 people who buy my book. When you invest in me, I return the favor. More details on that to come!

- Charles Harned

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