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Two Quick Updates - A Day in Fall

A Day in Fall has almost been out for an entire month. Thank you to everyone for your support! Here are a couple quick announcements:

Signed copies of A Day in Fall are now available at Park Road Books (4139 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209). I'm really excited to be working with Park Road Books, one of Charlotte's premier independent bookstores. It's an awesome store a stone's throw from plenty of other shopping and restaurants, so if you're in the Myers Park area definitely check them out!

On another note, I was fortunate enough to do a quick written interview with the great people over at Awesome Gang, a site that promotes authors and helps readers find books they'll love.

There should be a few more interviews coming (online) in the next few weeks. I'll link all marketing news on the site and my Twitter account, but probably won't make individual posts about everything because that seems unnecessary. Twitter is the best place for up to date information about everything going on in my world (and the world in general).

One last thing. There's tons of really cool A Day in Fall merchandise available direct from my website. Go check it out HERE.

Thanks again to everyone following along and have a great day!

- Charles Harned

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