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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

First off, I'd like to take a moment to say WELCOME TO THE SITE! This whole operation has been a long time (years) in the making, and I'm proud and frankly a little relieved to finally say I've got it up and running. Friends and close acquaintances know I consider myself a techie, but the façade quickly wears thin when I actually have to pull my head out of a book and sit down and build a website. Luckily, Wix did most of the heavy lifting.

So, where to begin? I feel strongly about using this platform as a way to share updates and news about my projects as they undergo the various stages of development, ideas and inspiration, and even a little general insight into my life and what I'm all about. The internet and social media are powerful tools, and while I'd like nothing more than to consume myself with research and writing all the time, I'm going to attempt to use them to the best of my ability. A writer is nothing without willing readers. So, let's kick back and have some fun.

A little background. I've written six novels with number seven in the works as we speak. I love writing, and this is something I knew I was going to do since I was pretty young. Still, it's a process. It's one thing to have ideas and have read books and feel like you're pretty good at writing, and quite another entirely to sit down day after day and churn out something that (hopefully) people will pay to read. Going back and reading that first manuscript I finished nearly five years ago would be cringe-worthy. Like anyone hoping to perfect a craft, this takes time, skill, dedication, and maybe a little luck along the way.

I love to travel and incorporate unique locations in the books I write. I might throw out a post from time to time about an interesting place I've visited or am dying to go. Side note: if you ever get the chance, visit Colombia and South America in general. Totally worth it.

I graduated with a business degree (focused in entrepreneurship) from Clemson University. While writing in its nature is a creative pursuit, I approach every facet of what I do with a business mindset. Adopting a strategy, constantly evaluating the market and myself, and honing a competitive advantage are a few of the most important things in my work and skills I recommend all serious writers employ.

It isn't just my goal to become a successful author. While that is a crucial first step, I've spent years hashing out the planning stages of a startup that can wedge itself perfectly between the creative and business sides of entertainment. Life9 Enterprises undoubtedly fulfills both parts of my personality, but will also hopefully prove an innovative solution to a very fragmented industry.

Life9, in short, aims to produce novels and other commercial works that can be adapted into screenplays that can either be sold or kept in-house to transform into other (visual) mediums. As seen by the likes of Disney and others, intellectual property can be a valuable asset, especially when it is coveted by a large audience. While that is certainly a tall aspiration and a daunting mountain to scale, I have faith it can be done. Life9 is in its infancy, but I'm confident somewhere down the road everything I have planned can and will be accomplished.

Thanks for reading. There will be plenty more to come. I'm always interested in what others think and broadening my own perspective, so please comment below so that I'm not simply shouting into the void. If you want to reach out, use the contact form on this site or email me at

P.S. If you're into politics, investing, or current events check out All for now!

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1 Comment

Mar 12, 2020

Cannot wait to read Dark Sastisfaction! This is really exciting stuff! Keep it up :)

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