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Publication Day!

Today's the day.

I have to take a moment and thank everyone for their amazing support and for pre-ordering A Day in Fall. It really has been incredible and I had no idea people would be so receptive to a book I wrote. Thank you.

Some quick information. Signed copies of A Day in Fall are still available directly from my website, and will be for the foreseeable future. Hard copies and the eBook version are also available from a variety of distributors (links below):

A Day in Fall is the first installment in the four-part Echelon series. Echelon is a (fictional) team within the Department of Homeland Security that tracks and analyzes extremist threats within the United States' borders. Michael Larson is a rising star on the team, and the only one who spots a link between riots in central Virginia and a renowned scientist's abduction. His mission to figure out what happened to the scientist unearths a far-reaching plot that goes all the way to the top of the federal government.

The Echelon series is all about globalization; how it can be done, how it should be done, and if it should be done in the face of existential threats humanity may face in the coming years. It's also about the forces that oppose a global community and the ensuing conflict between these two ideologies. It blurs the lines between good and bad and asks tough questions that we're struggling mightily to answer in real life. But above all it's meant to be fun and exciting with plenty of plotting, nefarious characters, and twists along the way.

Get your copy of A Day in Fall today and come along for the ride!

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